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VOLUME I, NO. 18                                                                                                                 April 2023


This newsletter is dedicated to those who have served Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4.


Reunion News


New Orleans - March 17-19, 2023



Dennis Theriot (1968-1971) was our host for MCB 4 Reunion 2023 in New Orleans.  A big Thank You to Dennis for all his hard work in providing us with an interesting and fun time during our stay in New Orleans.  The Reunion was attended by 23 MCB 4 Veterans and 18 spouses and guests.  Activities started with check-in and Meet and Greet on Friday evening.  Refreshments were provided in the lobby of the Hotel.  Reunion Activities included a visit to the National World War II Museum and a City Tour.


Saturday morning was spent at the National World War II Museum including the documentary “Beyond All Boundaries” narrated by Tom Hanks.  If your travels take you to New Orleans, the World War II Museum is well done and is a “Must See”.  Lunch at Copelands of New Orleans was provided at the conclusion of the Museum Tour.  The remainder of the day and evening was free for exploring New Orleans.  


A Sunday Morning narrated bus tour of the City with stops at a New Orleans Cemetery and City Park.  Coffee and Beignets from Café Du Monde was enjoyed at City Park.  Our guide was very knowledgeable and highlighted many interesting aspects of the City.

Sunday evening we gathered at the Four Columns for our Banquet.  The evening began with the Pledge of Allegiance, the significance of the “Fallen Warrior Table” and a poem titled “I am a Veteran” written by Andrea Christensen Brett was read.  MCB 4 Seabees Killed in Action were recognized.  As the names of the MCB 4 “Fallen Warriors” were read a bell was tolled.  The names read are as follows:


            John C. Haines, Jr.              EOC               3-7-1967        Da Nang, Vietnam

            Robert E. Kasper                 CMH3             3-7-1967        Da Nang, Vietnam

            Larry R. Riddle                     CET3              3-7-1967        Da Nang, Vietnam

            Charles A. Hubbard             BU3                6-29-1967      Khe Shan, Vietnam

            Paul W. Larremore               GMG2             10-4-1969      Da Nang, Vietnam

             Eric L. Knott                          SW3               9-4-2004        Fallujah, Iraq


If you aware of anyone we may have been omitted please let me know.


The names of the MCB 4 Veterans who have answered the Final Salute since we last gathered were read and remembered.  As you become aware of a MCB 4 Veteran’s passing please email or send a note so their passing can be acknowledged.


In addition to planned activities the French Quarter was visited by several during our free time.  The local fare was also a treat; Gumbo, Crawfish, Oysters, and Beignets to name a few.  A great time was had by all.


Reunion Website

The Reunion website ( has been maintained.  The Newsletter and photos taken by Pete Hayworth at the 2019 Branson Reunion can be viewed on the website.  The website will be updated periodically as information becomes available.


Time for Moving On


I have been maintaining a MCB 4 Rooster, writing the Newsletter, and acting as Reunion Coordinator and Treasure since 2007. This will be the last Reunion I will organize and host.  It is time to pass the torch to someone younger who can keep this loosely organized group functioning.  If no one is interested in hosting Reunions or maintaining the Group are we to the point of disbanding and attending Reunions organized by others.  Since I do not know the future of the Group I have not sent out Membership renewal notices or Membership Applications this year.  I would like input from members

I would like input from members. My contact information is:


                                Dean Jaeger

                                2315 N. 76th Street

                                Lincoln, NE 68507

                                Phone:  402-499-5289


Final Salute


Since the last Newsletter we have been notified of the passing of the following veterans of MCB 4.  We appreciate their service to Seabees and extend condolences to family and friends.


                                    William J. Yetter                   Years Ago     Notified by Friend

                                    Glen B. Kellerman               2022               Notified by Friend

                                    Roger W. Miner                    4-12-2021      Obituary

                                    Daniel Hiles                          10-15-2022    Obituary

                                    Richard Petersen                 8-23-2019      Note from Spouse

                                    Danny L. McRoberts            4-24-2022      Obituary

                                    Edward A. Dinges                9-14-22          Note from Spouse

                                    Dominic Musto                     12-4-22          Facebook

                                    William D. Sandmery           10-1-03          Find a Grave

                                    Jason Pasko                         3-4-23             Facebook


                            ONCE A SEABEE ALWAYS A SEABEE
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