VOLUME I, NO. 13                                                                                                              July 2018


This newsletter is dedicated to those who have served Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4.


Reunion News – Las Vegas, NV


MCB 4 Veterans met in Las Vegas November 2 through November 5, 2017.  Reunion was organized and hosted by Jim Wilson.  Headquarters for the Reunion was the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.    Seabees, spouses and friends attended the Friday night gala.  The gala was held at the Fremont Hotel and Casino.  The food and drinks were great.  Many friendships were renewed and stories swapped.  Years of service to the Navy and MCB 4 ranged from 1950 to 2016.  MCB 4 Veterans have served all over the world.


A big “Thank You and Job Well Done” to Jim Wilson for all his efforts in organizing and coordinating the Reunion.  It was nice to go to a Reunion, just enjoy the festivities and not have to worry about paying bills. 


Jim is already planning another Las Vegas Reunion in 2020.  Watch Facebook for additional information as it becomes available.


2019 Reunion – Branson, MO


Past Reunions have been held in Branson, MO, Kansas City, MO, Omaha, NE, New Orleans, LA, and Daytona Beach, FL, and Washington, D.C.


Dennis Theriot and Dean Jaeger are pleased to announce plans for a 2019 MCB 4 Reunion.  We have decided to return to Branson, Missouri for 2019.  Mark your calendar for April 25-28, 2019 and plan to join us in Branson for renewing old friendships and making new friends.  The Reunion will be headquartered at the Welk Resorts Hotel located in the stunning Ozark Mountains in southwest Missouri.  The hotel rooms reflect the unique charm of the Ozarks — vibrant colors and textures that suit the casual, warm and friendly culture.  .  The Reunion is open to all who have served NMCB 4.  Details and Registration Form for the Reunion are attached.

Reunion Website

A website has been established for the 2019 Reunion for information only.  Reservations will not be accepted on the website and will need to be mailed as setforth on the Reunion Invitation.  The website address is


Time for Moving On


I have been maintaining a MCB 4 Rooster, writing the Newsletter, and acting as Reunion Coordinator and Treasure since 2007. This will be the last Reunion I will organize and host.  It is time to pass the torch to someone younger who can keep this loosely organized group functioning.  If no one is interested in hosting Reunions or maintaining the Group are we to the point of disbanding and attending Reunions organized by others.  Since I do not know the future of the Group I have not sent out Membership renewal notices or Membership Applications this year.  I would like input from members

Facebook Pages

For those of you who have computers and are interested there are several Facebook pages which may be of interest to you.  Facebook pages of which may be of interest are: “Seabees MCB 4 1968-1971”; “CEC/ Seabee Historical Foundation”; “NMCB FOUR”, “Operation Seabees Knowledge”, and “NMCB-4 Vegas 2020”.

Final Salute


Since the last Newsletter we have been notified of the passing of the following veterans of MCB 4.  We appreciate their service to Seabees and extend condolences to family and friends.


            Ray S. Simmons                                            6/11/17 Obituary

            John (Tony) Santos                                        7/22/17 Facebook Post

            Larry Lynn                                                       12/15/17 Facebook Post

            Frank Mendola                                                1/29/18 Email from Joe Licata

            David Morrison                                               6/13/18 Facebook Post


                            ONCE A SEABEE ALWAYS A SEABEE