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VOLUME I, NO. 19                                                                                                       February 2024


This newsletter is dedicated to those who have served Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4.


Last Edition


I have been maintaining a MCB 4 Rooster, writing the Newsletter, and acting as Reunion Coordinator/Treasure since 2007.  Since no one has volunteered to take over the Reunion Coordinator/Treasure and no interest has been expressed hosting Reunions it is time to disband this Group.  As discussed at the New Orleans Reunion the funds left in the Treasury are being donated to the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Fund.  An accounting of the funds is as stated below.  It has been a pleasure serving the Group and Coordinating Reunions.


Reunion Website


The Reunion website ( is paid up through July 2024 and will be active until such time.


NMCB 4 Roster


Over the years I have developed a list containing over 1800 names of NMCB 4 Veterans.  I have attempted to keep the list current noting the Veterans who deceased, those attending Reunions, and those for whom mailings were returned.  I have sent a digital copy of the Roster to the Seabee Historical Foundation.


Reunion Funds


The Reunion Group Treasury final accounting of funds is as follows:

            3/23/23           Balance at conclusion of New Orleans Reunion            $3,028.55

           4/21/23           April 2023 Newsletter Printing                                       ($  529.75)

           4/23/23           April 2023 Newsletter Postage                                      ($    63.00)

           6/20/23           Website Domain Fee                                                     ($    24.85)

           7/7//23            Website Hosting Fee                                                      ($  264.00)

          2/27/23           February 2024 Newsletter Printing                                 ($  170.95)

          2/27/23           February 2024 Newsletter Postage                               ($    66.00)

          2/27/23           Seabee Memorial Scholarship Fund                             ($1,910.00)

          2/27/23           Balance                                                                          $       0.00



Since the last Newsletter I have been notified of the passing of the following veterans of MCB 4.  We appreciate their service to Seabees and extend condolences to family and friends.


                               Carl Coughlin                       2003               Facebook

                               William D. Blatchford           10-28-23        Notified by Son

                               Jack Keith                            12-6-23          Obituary



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